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You cannot decide if to go out with your friends for a beer or rather for a fun escape game? Problem solved! Put the both together!

It is year 2027 and Czech has been experiencing the hardest prohibition in the history for the fourth year in a row. The only chance how to taste the golden national treasure is to go to the Old Town and track down one of the few left top secret microbreweries, known only by the initiated.

The streets of Prague are guarded by special patrols of the Ministry of Industry, nicknamed Dry Throats, who have already arrested thousands of people for alcohol consumption and the number is increasing every night. Not to be another arrested, you need to prove great orientation, logical thinking, mindfulness and good memory. These are the qualities that have all beer lovers in common. Cheers! 

Game variants

Easy difficulty

Enjoy your beer with friends and with solving simple puzzles


Location: Prague - The Powder Tower (Prasna brana in CZ)
Team: 1-6 players
Length: cca 2 km
Time: cca 3:30h
Language: english

Price: 1 490 CZK

Good to know

To run on iOS (iPhone) devices, you need to activate the game at (fill in the same login as in Get Out Fun)

You can start playing the game at 11:30 AM the earliest and the latest at 6 PM, so all the breweries are open. The last brewery closes at midnight. The game is low data usage, the downloaded file is with maximum of 15 MB. You can also play without any internet connection. 

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