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Stáhnout mobilní aplikaci Get Out Fun do mobilu nejlepší únikovky v Praze úniková hra Vybrat Hru


Stáhnout mobilní aplikaci Get Out Fun do mobilu nejlepší únikovky v Praze úniková hra Hrát Hru

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In Get Out Fun world virtual reality connects with the reality around you! Here you can find games that change ordinary walks through the most exciting cities around the world in something extraordinary. You have to engage the brain and accomplish all tasks in order to get to the end. During the game interesting ciphers, games, tasks, and IQ tests are waiting for you to go through them in the shortest possible time. Each game has its level of difficulty. Just choose, download and play the one you want!

All games which are bought on web Get Out Fun or in app have validity 6 months.

Our games

In the Footsteps of the Crown Jewels

In the Footsteps of the Crown Jewels

Location: Praha
Team: 1-6 persons
Length: from 2.5km
Time: from 2:30h
Language: english
Price: from 1 490,- 4,6

The Czech Crown Jewels are the precious symbol of the Czech nation. For centuries they were being safely kept at Karlstejn Castle. However, during their transfer to the Prague Castle in 1619, they have been lost. Now it is up to you to help to find the lost Jewels and return one of the greatest Czech's symbols! The game starts at the Old Town Square. Before you start playing, make sure you are really in the middle of the Old Town Square. Up to six people can play this game.


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